Hair oils - What to Choose!


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Sep 3, 2012
Who does not know about the beneficial and healing properties of hair oils? But some refuse to use them, fearing weighting and rapid pollution. Do not deprive yourself, because you just need to pick up the oil and use it correctly, then the hair will thank you with its appearance - will become healthy, shiny, you will forget about dandruff and the tips of the tips.

How to choose hair oil
Remember that the oil must penetrate the cuticle of the hair, so pay attention to the three oils: coconut, olive and avocado.
Other oils also have a positive effect on the hair, but their effect is weakened by the structure.

There are also inefficient oils that do not penetrate the cuticle at all: Mineral, jojoba, Sunflower and Peanut.

Types of Hair Oils
Coconut - Remarkably smells, strengthens the hair, making them shiny and more obedient.
Avocado - strengthens the hair, makes them obedient, shiny and silky.
Olive - universal, suitable for all types of hair. If the hair is thick, you can use the entire length, if thin - only on the scalp. Olive oil strengthens the hair, enhances their growth.
Castor - strengthens hair, stimulates their growth. But it is very heavy, so it is better to use it every 2 to 3 weeks. But eyelashes and eyebrows can be smeared with castor oil at least every day - the result will be impressive!
Agranovoe - sticky oil, very difficult to wash out, but it gives a delightful result. Hair becomes perfectly smooth, fragrant, docile, strong and shiny! But it is better not to use this oil if you have thin hair.

Hair like and the following oils: apricot, sesame, cocoa, palm, hazelnut and shea butter.

How to use oil for hair
This can be learned experimentally - all have different hair, so you need to determine which oil is right for you, its dosage. You can apply on the tips or along the entire length, and you can rub into the scalp half an hour before washing.

You will be amazed at the remarkable effect of using just a few drops of oil!

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