Hair styles for heart shaped face


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Jul 4, 2011
[h=1]Short Hairstyles for Heart Shape Faces[/h]

A short bob shape is a safe and sexy style for you ladies with heart shaped faces. Keep the cut layered and tapered softening the jaw line.

Short hair looks fab on heart face shapes especially when flicked out at the bottom.

[h=2]Long Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces[/h]

Got long hair? Then great, long hair really suits a heart shaped face and can detract unwanted attention from your pointy chin. Long soft layers will soften your chin area as long as you keep the layers wispy and grazing your cheekbones.

Long waves really suit a heart shape face. If you usually wear your hair poker straight then adding some natural waves will inject some body and fullness to your hair and really flatter your face shape.

[h=2]Curly Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces[/h]

Women with heart shaped faces aim is to add width at the bottom of the hair to balance out top and bottom of the face. Luckily for you women with curly hair this is easily done. Keep the length of your hair just below your chin and your curls will do the rest of the work.

Although curly hair usually looks it best when its left au natural it’s important you keep up to date with your hair cuts, curly hair is usually dry and can easily become tangled and out of control when it needs a trim. Next time your at the salon ask for layers to shape your curls around your face and show off your fab features.

[h=1]Fringes for Heart Shaped Faces[/h]

The reason fringes are suited so well to heart shaped faces is because they balance out a top heavy face by hiding your usually wide fore head.
Brow-grazing fringes are a great look on classic heart shapes. Skimming the eyes with a straight fringe will detract attention away from the chin and hide a large forehead whilst bringing out your eyes.
Make sure your fringe is long and skims the brow to achieve this affect
Wispy short fringes will also look great on you especially if you have thick hair.

[h=2]Styles Heart Shaped Faces should Avoid[/h]For you heart shaped faces you here are the basics that you should stay away from when trying to find the perfect style for you as they will do nothing for your face shape:
  • Full styles that emphasize upper face
  • Height at the crown of the head.
  • Severe, slicked back looks.

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