Hairstyles according to your face type


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Hairstyles according to your face type

Too tired of your long locks and constant styling? If you consider yourself daring enough you surely will have a lot of options for styling for your hair. Short hair are the easiest and most manageable but the only thing you need to keep in mind is you face shape.

Square jaw. With someone like Jennifer Aniston with a strong jawline a soft bob with graduated layers with hair falling below the jaw will draw the attention away from that area of the face.

High forehead chunky bangs is the solution for women who have a big forehead. They don't have to be cut straight across but a side swept one like Rihanna works best.

Heart shaped face. If you have a sharp chin, try not to cut your hair above your chin.

Round face angular cuts work best for people with a round face. You should go in for longer layers in your short cut so that there appears to be some shape to your face type.

Thin face. If you have a thin face, go in for a deep side parting. The trick is to make the face look more horizontal than vertical.

Long neck. If you have a beautiful long neck try going in for a lengthier bob cut like Anne Hathway because short hair will make the neck look weird.

High cheekbones. Consider yourself lucky if you have high cheekbones because a lot of hair styles will suit this sort of a face cut. You can get away with anything!

Oval face short pixies are best suited for a small ovalish face cut. Halle Berry is the perfect example.

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