Hairstyles that never go out of style


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Hairstyles that never go out of style

Here are some hairstyles that will never go out of style.

We've seen actresses flaunt it on screen, and sighed in silent despair, desperately wishing we had perfect hair. Since the dawn of the movies, millions of women worldwide have always imitated the hairstyles flaunted by screen goddesses. Here are five hairstyles that never go out of style, both onscreen and off it!

1. The ponytail :
No we're not talking about that umbrella-like tuft of hair on the top of your head that would make you look like Pebbles from the Flintstones series. We're talking about the messy, casual and chic ponytail, best accentuated with bangs. The ponytails with bangs works with almost any outfit and is perfect for both a formal and informal outing

2. Waves :
Alright, we admit it - the poker straight hair suits only certain face types. Unfortunately, Indian women are blessed with wavy hair. Make the best of your wavy look. Tousle your forward and rub in some styling gel. Flip your hair back and run a comb through it, combing it enough to suit your liking. Think Farah Fawcett of the 60's meets Rose Byrne.

3. Curl it up :
The best look that works with curly hair would be to let it be - natural is the way to go! The more you try to comb through your curls, the bushier your curls are going to look. Let your hair loose and use minimal styling products. Avoid curlers and never, ever crunch your curls.

4. Up do chignons :
Immortalized by the evergreen Audrey Hepburn, the up do spells class and elegance rolled into one pretty package. For a better effect, section your hair into three buns to follow the curves in your barrette. Also, you could add blunt bangs for a completely retro look.

5. The Bob :
Short and sweet - that's what the bob is all about. The length of your bob is determined by your face cut. While those with angular faces can opt for an uneven bob, nothing works better than the classic cut for most faces. Once again, this look can be worn for both formal and informal occasions.

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