Half-moon manicure


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Half-moon manicure

Choose your colour: Bright opaques work as well as sheer nudes. This style looks best on short nails.

1. File your nails into a rounded square or short oval.
2. Apply a base to make the colour last longer.
3. Use a medium-sized bindi and stick it at the base of your nails, such that you get a tiny semi-circle at the cuticle.
4. Paint your nails as usual. Remove the bindi and apply finishing coat over the whole nail. Put 'tap nails on table' on your to-do list for later in the day.
5. With the festive season just around the corner, bright summer colours are giving way to dull pinkishgolds, deep plums and moody violets.

French Gothic
Plain black nails have been around for a while. Throw in a twist by experimenting with finishes in the French manicure style. Shiao Bin Chen shows us how:

1. Start with the base coat and then apply two coats of matte black polish from cuticle to tip.
2. It's crucial that you wait for this step to dry completely before getting on to the next one.
3. Now it's time to let the tips of your nails shine. If you don't have a steady hand, enlist the services of a sticky tape.
4. Stick a small strip half a centimetre or more below the tip, so that you get a straight line.
Apply a stroke of glossy black paint on the tip.

5. Peel of the tape carefully after making sure the polish has dried.

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