Handbag essentials


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Handbag essentials you should always carry

A hand-bag is a girl's best-friend. No really! It is. And here's a list of basic and unexpected items that could transform your purse into your very own survival-cum-makeup-cum-keep-boredom away kit.

Sanitizer: One word for you, germs. Keep them away with a good sanitizer. Better safe than sorry

Facewash: With so much dust, grime, you need to take care of your skin. Keep a small tube of face wash with you. Even soap paper strips help.

Wet wipes:
Liquids have a tendency to spill. Having wet wipes on you will save you from spending the entire day with sticky hands.

Pins, clips: A ripped seam, a button popping off, it happens to the best of us. Be prepared with a couple of these pointy friends in your bag.

Double-sided tape/sticky tape: An odd thing to keep in your bag. But trust me, very useful in case of a wardrobe malfunction.

Aspirin/motion-sickness pills and a few other basic meds: You never know when that headache or nausea will crop up

Sanitary pads: Self-explanatory this one.

Deodorant: Body odour is an absolute no-no. Keep a good deo with you at all times for a quick spray in times of need.

A bar of your favourite chocolate/energy bar/apple(or a similar fruit): Munchies are tricky blighters. They'll hit you when you least expect it. A bar of chocolate can save you a lot of crankiness. And besides, it's a mood elevator.

A pen and a notepad: You never know when you'll need to jot things down. Running around looking for a pen when that cute guy in a hurry is offering to give you his number can be such a waste of time.

A small tub of petroleum jelly: Invaluable commodity this one. Can be used for chapped lips, dull hair (yes, it does work if you apply it to the ends of your hair) and as a moisturiser.

A good book/magazine: For all the times that there are unexpected delays.

A lighter: It's a good idea to carry one even if you don't smoke. It won't just be useful if the lights go out, worse come to worse, it can be used a 'weapon' as well.

Equip yourself with these basic essentials, and you'll be prepared for (almost) all eventualities.
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