Handy tips for that perfect look


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Handy tips for that perfect look

Recreate Neha Dhupia's delightful red carpet look with these handy tips from make-up pro Clint Fernandes

To start with, it is best to use an oil-free moisturiser, followed by a liquid foundation to even out the skin tone. If necessary, you can dot on some concealer on problem areas, like dark circles under the eyes, and blend it out with your fingers. Finally, use translucent powder to set the base. If your skin gets too oily or greasy, then follow that up with a

Neha's eyes are dark and smokey. An easy way to achieve this dramatic look is to use a fat kohl pencil and draw a thick line on the upper eyelid, followed by the lower lid. Blend it out with a blending brush or applicator and dust some black eye shadow on the eyelid. Blend further, but make sure you do so only within the sockets. Also, use the kohl on the inside of the eyes and follow this with mascara.

Use a cream blush in soft pink or apricot on the cheeks and blend this upwards towards the temples. Finally use a highlighting powder on the apples of the cheeks to give the face some

A thumb rule to remember is: When the eyes have been done heavily, it is best to go easy on the lips. Neha has used a flesh pink lipstick with a hint of gloss. To make the colour long lasting, you can line your lips with a similar coloured lip liner and then apply the lip colour, adding just a hint of gloss to the center of the lip.

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