Has anyone been to the Kaya Skin Clinic?

Has anyone been to the Kaya Skin Clinic? I heard the experts at Kaya Skin Clinic reviews your skin before suggesting you the necessary treatments. Is this true and how effective is it?


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Dear Supriyakadam, I have been to the Kaya Skin Clinic. What you have heard about the procedure followed by the experts at Kaya Skin Clinic before they suggest your skin the necessary treatments is true only. For me they have checked various parameters and then only they have proceeded with the suggested treatment. It worked well for me. There is a caution word from me : What ever worked out well for somebody will always will be applicable to other people because every skin is an unique and special one. Hence universally acceptable solution to the skin problem is not existing. Hence don't take my successful experience as an example for the effectiveness of the treatment. thank you and all the best

It is very effective. I have been there and tried their products. It’s very good and you can see the results very quickly. You can recheck it online by looking out for Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews. The Kaya Skin Clinic reviews will give you a better idea and also give you access to more testimonials of people who have gone through the treatment and tried their services. Check it out, it is very reasonable too. You can book an appointment with them from their website itself.