Have a healthy body image


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Jul 5, 2011
Have a healthy body image

You swear by eating right and exercising regularly. But even though your habits that meet the eye are healthy and positive, you struggle a lot inside.

To put it simply...you don't like what you see in the mirror. And that translates into a pretty negative body image.

Here's how you can nix those constant worries and build a positive, healthy body image.

Dress for your present body type.
Don't try and idealize yourself in a particular body type to an extent that you simply don't like what you are today. You will lose weight, if you need to, gradually. But wear what suits you right now and you'll stop thinking nasty thoughts about what that mirror tells you.

Talk back.
Most often, it's other people who constantly criticise and attack our body image. Giving you healthy suggestions is one thing, but criticizing your body type every now and then is unforgivable. Talk back to them and let them know what you think about their constant nagging. Also, don't let health and fitness magazines influence you in a negative way.

Compliment yourself..
. not only in the looks department. Compliment yourself on being a good friend, entrepreneur, driver, listener, wife, daughter and so on. Make a list of 10 things which have nothing to do with how you look, and remember that list when you feel down and out about yourself.

Exercise and eat healthy.
Do you want to exercise to lose weight, to change your body, to burn calories or to just feel refreshed? Find an exercise routine which you really love and yes, eat healthy too. It's okay to give into occassional temptations. You don't have to 'feel fat or guilty' about it.

Assess and evaluate.
Ask yourself what is it that you don't like about your body type. Once you pinpoint the problem area, check if you can change it or enhance/temper it. If yes, and more often than not there will always be something you can do about it, then just go ahead and make that change a part of your life. Involve your family, friends, colleagues and pretty soon you'll be proud of what you achieve.

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