Headache Remedies


Commander's of Penmai
Apr 4, 2011
  • Take clove, cinnamon and almond in equal quantities (around 1 teaspoon each) and grind together with a little water to make a paste. Apply paste on the forehead. A paste made of sandalwood powder can also be applied on the forehead.
  • Mix a quarter teaspoon of clove powder in one teaspoon of cinnamon oil. Apply mixture to the location of pain.
  • Wrap a wet cloth around the neck.
  • Oil massage on the scalp also relieves tension and headache. Sesame oil, almond oil, mustard oil or ghee (clarified butter) can be used for massage.

[h=2]Dos and don'ts[/h]
  • Simple cooked vegetables without oil, vegetable juices and soup, fruits like apple, mango, grapes and fruit juices should be taken in ample quantities. Rice, salad and buttermilk are also good.
  • Some sweets and milk products can be taken moderately with small quantities of nuts.
  • Hot cow milk is very good to drink.
  • Avoid fried foods, meat, sour and spicy foods and foods
  • Yogurt should be avoided, especially at night.
  • Adequate rest should be taken and exposure to cold, heat and rain should be avoided.
  • The natural urges (sneezing, passing stool and urine, hunger, thirst, sleep, breathing and yawning etc.) should not be suppressed.
  • The patient should also try to keep the mind free from anxiety, anger, mental tension and worry.

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