Health Benefits of Buttermilk!!!


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Sep 3, 2012

Buttermilk is one of the strongly recommended Natural Probiotics, popular for savoring multiple health benefits. Its indicated to a number of dairy drinks. Primarily, it is a liquid, left behind after churning butter out of milk cream. This product is called traditional buttermilk. However, its also indicated to a wide range of fermented milk drinks, highly used in warm places, like India, Middle East, Pakistan and Southern United States, where the fresh milk turns sour easily. However, the fermented form of this drink is called cultured buttermilk. Its basically made by cow's milk. Its sour in taste which is caused by lactic acid bacteria. So, lets find out some of the main aspects and health favors of buttermilk here ..

[h=4]Why Buttermilk is Thicker than Milk?[/h]Buttermilk is tart in taste due to the presence of acid in milk. This acid is formed by the lactic acid bacteria during the fermentation of lactose, the main sugar in milk. This results in the reduction of pH level and casein protein in milk. So there occurs a curdling or condensation of milk particles. This makes the buttermilk thicker than the normal milk. The traditional milk is less thick in comparison to the cultured milk.
[h=4]Important Health Benefits of Using Buttermilk[/h]Calcium benefits- Buttermilk is rich in calcium and helps to fulfill your daily recommended dose of this mineral. Its fine amount helps to benefit your health in many ways. It mainly forms strong bones, nerves and heart health. So buttermilk helps to prevent the problems of osteoporosis and weak heart muscles and functions.

Carbohydrate benefits- Carbohydrate is a nutrient which posses simple sugars that your body can easily break into glucose and energy. It helps in carrying out a proper digestive process. Just one glass of buttermilk contains opium amount of carbohydrates. So it provides enough energy to your body to carry out your daily activities.

Rich in vitamins- This dairy product contains a range of important health benefiting vitamins. It mainly includes vitamin C, A, B12, B6 and folate. Vitamin C and A help to form better skin health. Vitamin B12 enhances the health of red blood cells. Vitamin B6 promotes the fine functioning of the nervous system. And folate helps to prevent birth defects from an unborn child.

Protein benefits- Buttermilk is highly rich in protein amounts. This nutrient contains some amino acids which help in the proper growth and development of your body, mainly the skin organ.

*However, some people suffer from milk allergy and buttermilk's prime ingredient is milk. So avoid its use if you suffer from such an allergy. Some of the main signs of milk allergy are the outbreak of hives, eczema and swelling around lips, mouth and neck. Also, if youare suffering from any severe disease then consult a good medical expert beforestarting the use of buttermilk. It will prevent the outcome of any negativehealth condition.


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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Gkarti, you have presented a complete write up on the benefits of buttermilk. thank you very much for the same.


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Jan 5, 2012

oru research paper padikara mathiri startingla irunthathu..
thanks for sharing dear..
worth infooooooooo

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