Health Benefits of the WaterMelon


Yuva's of Penmai
Jun 28, 2012
1) The Watermelon is well used for the Prevention of Cancer as it contains the rich amounts of the Vitamin-C and Beta-Carotene.This prevents the Radical Activity, as it is Well known Powerful Anti-Oxidants.

2) The One Watermelon will give about 21% of the Vitamin C Content to our Human Body.It is an Good Anti-Oxidant

3) WaterMelon Contains Rich amounts of Potassium, Magnesium and More Vitamin B, which is good for the Energy Reproduction in the Human Body

4) The Blood Vessels will Relax in the Human body by the Amino acids present in the WaterMelon, It helps to Keep the Blood Pressure at Good Levels

5) To Protect the Eyes form aging disease , Leutin is needed.The Watermelon had huge amounts of Leutin, So it keeps your Eye healthy and Younger

6) The watermelon had huge amounts of Vitamin C which always Boosts the Human Immune System

7) Watermelon has the Best Low calorie to Nutrient ratio, which it makes you to lose weight indirectly, since it is a good diet for Weight loss Program.

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