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Apr 26, 2012
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Herbs are plants which have medicinal or curative properties. And Basil, more commonly called as Tulsi is a true example of this. The Basil plant has a great religious value in Hinduism. There is a tale in Hindu mythology wherein Lord Krishna was married to the Tulsi plant. Since then Tulsi is a must have in every Hindu household.

Besides mythological reasons, the Basil should be a part of
every home due to its various medicinal uses. Here is a list of some of the most common uses of Basil or Tulsi.

1.The leaves of the Tulsi or Basil plant are believed to contain properties due to which they are essential for the wellbeing of the nerves. They are also believed to help in enhancing the memory.

2.The leaves of the Tulsi also enable the removal of phlegm from the bronchial tube.

3.The leaves of the Tulsi or Basil are boiled and added in tea. This is a very popular home remedy for seasonal diseases during monsoon. It also helps to cure people who are suffering from cold and fever.

4.Regular consumption of Tulsi leaves are said to increase the immunity of our system and thus protecting one against contacting any disease.

5.The consumption of Tulsi is an effective medium to reduce the body temperature. And so it is useful for people who are suffering from fever.

6.Being a natural source, Tulsi is perfectly harmless and can be safely given to children without the fear of any side effects.

7.Cough and other winter ailments: Tulsi or Basil is an important ingredient in many cough syrups. Ayurvedic science lays a lot of significance on the healing property of Tulsi which there respectfully called Holy Tulsi.

8.Tulsi is also said to be consumed to prevent the onset of an astama attack in people suffering from asthama.

9.Tulsi or Basil leaves when boiled and consumed are seen to have soothed many a sore throats.

10.Applied locally the juice of the Tulsi plant is said to have a cosmetic effect on the skin and make it glow.Besides these above mentioned advantages there are many other benefits of this wonder herb. So it is advised that every household should have a plant of Tulsi or Basil and make the optimum utilization of this excellent herb.

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