Health Lessons From Your Pet


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Health Lessons From Your Pet

You can sometimes derive the most valuable health lessons from you pet. Want to live a healthy and stress free life? Copy some actions of your pet. Well, we are not asking you to copy the negative aspects. Your pet is your best friend, silent companion and mood enhancer.

The practice of keeping pets is more than thousands of years old. Many people consider their pets to be their best friends. So why shy away from taking health lessons from your best friend?

Learn these habits from your pet and see how they benefit you.

Regular Exercise- This is valid especially for dogs. You must have seen that they are extremely energetic and love to be taken for a stroll regularly. Your pet loves to get out for an exercise or walk. Get this kind of health lessons from your pet. According to a research by Harvard University the longer you walk determines how long you will live. You can accompany your dog or any other pet on a stride and make this your daily habit. A regular walk in the open air is beneficial to health.

Short Naps- Researches prove that a short nap of even 15 minutes is equivalent to many hours of sleep. Learn this remarkable quality from your pet. See how they sleep whenever they have nothing to do. This keeps them healthy and fit. Similarly you can also try to take a short nap while traveling. So if you are a busy man and can't afford a sleep for 8-9 hours per day, derive health lessons from your pet and go to sleep whenever you can afford to do it. Health lessons such as these benefit us greatly.

A Healthy Dietary Schedule- No matter what pet you have, you will find that they like to stick to a particular diet. They always chew their food properly before eating which is a very healthy practice. Pets prefer to eat during their regular meal timings. You should again learn from your pet this health lesson as it helps avoiding many diseases like kidney stones.

Psychological Health- Do you know that forgetfulness is the main key to happiness and a sound mental health? Have you ever seen your pet not responding to your calls just because you have scolded them a few minutes ago? Your pet is loyal to you and loves you. All these are human virtues and must be kept in mind before getting upset or depressed over some issue. Be merciful and find your psychological health improving.

Deep Breaths- You will find that most pets take deep breaths. This is a very healthy habit to learn from your pet who is your best friend. Get inspired from your pet and take deep breaths. It improves the oxygen flow in your body and keeps us healthy. A deep breath relaxes our body and mind. It also reduces stress and relieves emotional problems and pain.

Learn these health lessons from your pet and find yourself much healthier and fit than before.

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