Health News Letter Issue 1


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Nov 28, 2011
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Hi Friends,

I would like to start a Health News letter which will be mostly based on our day today life health related issue.

Requesting your participation and ideas


Issue No 1

How to prevent heat stroke

In summer season, scorching heat and hot blowing air emerge as the
Primary causes of heat stroke.


Here are a few simple measures you can take to protect yourself:

Constantly hydrate your system: When ever you step out of your home, make sure that you carry a water bottle with you so that you can drink thewater at regular intervals in order to avoid dehydration.

Eat light, but eat : Never go out with empty stomach. It may cause dizziness nausea. Eat a light meal, so that the stomach can process the food easily.

Ventilation: If your Air conditioning system is not switched on, then open doors and windows of your room for proper ventilation because lack of fresh air can also become one of the reasons for heart stroke.

Help your body recuperate: After exposure sunlight, instead of taking normal water, try to have lemon water, coconut water, a cool drink etc.,

Foods to avoid: Avoid caffeine and alcohol, as these can speed up the dehydration process.

Symptoms o heart stroke to watch out for:

  • [*=left]Seek treatment immediately if any of these warning signs are present.
    [*=left]Skin that feel hot and dry, but not sweaty

    [*=left]Confusion or loss of consciousness

    [*=left]Throbbing headache

    [*=left]Shortness of breath or trouble breathing

Quick Fact
The World laughs with you
Recent evidence suggests that
laughter is a social cue for mimicry.
Hearing a laugh actually stimulates the
brain region associated with facial movements.
Mimicry plays an important role in social
interaction and may be ways of creating strong
social bonds within a goup/team.

Simple Home Remedies for Sun Burn


A thin sandalwood paste proves to be beneficial
Mix two teaspoons of tomato juice and four
tablespoons of buttermilk. Leave for half an hour
and wash off. It is an effective home remedy for
sun burn.

aloe vera.jpg

Cool Aloe vera gel can also be applied on the affected
area. Sliced pieces of raw cucumber or potato when
applied to the affected areas, can reduce inflammation
and soothe them.

fresh cream.jpg
A little fresh cream can be applied on the sun burnt skin
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