Healthy Heart Diet!

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Aug 7, 2011
Healthy Heart Diet

Having a healthy heart diet is the best way to ensure a healthy heart.
Read on to find diet tips for having a healthy heart and preventing heart ailments.

We all are aware of the fact that certain food elements pose the threat of the development of heart ailments. Changing food habits is surely a tough but not an impossible task. The case might be like you are already into some unhealthy eating habits per se, or you are now more interested in fine tuning your diet regimen so as to reduce the risk of heart ailments. Whatever the case, it is never too late to start eating for a healthy heart. Given below are some simple diet tips that will help you take care of your heart more easily:

Limit Your Portions

This is a common diet tip, so that you do not end up consuming more than you require. The habit of continuing with servings even after you are filled, will only result in stuffing your tummy with more food that are nothing but extra caloriesthat your body does not really require. You end up taking in more fat and cholesterol than necessary, as the food that you normally go for second or subsequent servings are oily and junk food. So, note the number of servings, you take in and also the size of each serving. Keep them small, they will do you a world of good.

Diet for Your Waistline

It has been normally observed that people with bigger waist lines are more prone to heart ailments compared to the ones with a thinner waist line. The relation of the two beings, the waistline broadens with the accumulation of belly fat, which in turn is caused by increased intake of oily and high calorie food. So in order to prevent this, opt for the nutrient rich food and not the junk ones. Also avoid the refined and processed foods that are also high in sodium, which reduces the insulin absorption in our system.

Opt for fruits and lots of vegetables in your diet, this will ensure that you are obtaining the right amount of and the desired nutrients. They contain the necessary dietary fibers that can help in reducing the chances of developing heart diseases. Besides, with more fruits and veggies on your plate, there will be less chances of your craving for fatty foods.

Always Go for Whole Grains and Not the Processed Ones.

Whole grains are excellent sources of fiber and other nutritional elements that are proven factors which regulate blood pressure and ensure that the heart is in good shape. So your heart healthy diet must always include whole grains instead of the refined products that are actually shorn of the essential nutrients that actually help in ensuring a good heart. So, go in for whole grains like, oats, barley, quinoa and couscous.


Ground some flax-seed and add them in your diet. This is a great way to include whole grains in your diet. Flax-seeds have properties that help you to ward off heart ailments effectively. They have high fiber content and also omega 3 fatty acids that are considered good for the heart health. An excellent and interesting way to include them is to add some flax seed powder into your bowl of cereals or a cup of coffee, yoghurt or applesauce.

Finally, take note that your fat intake is kept to the minimum. This will ensure that the blood cholesterol levels are reduced and thus the risks of coronary heart diseases are also reduced. Common heart ailments like heart attacks and strokes will be kept at bay quite effectively if the daily fat intake is reduced. But make sure that the good fat, like omega 3 fatty acids are included in your diet
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Jul 26, 2012
Wonderful ideas you have given Abi for making all of us slim and heart friendly diets you have suggested are really having great importance in today's environment. thanks

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