Heart Attack Symptoms In Women - Health Guide!!!


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Sep 3, 2012
One of the major causes of death in adult womanhood is heart attack.Women who are overweight or are exposed to stressful situations, are most likely to suffer from heart attack. Though most of the women may not accept the fact that they are as vulnerable to heart attack as men but as per statistics, nearly half of all deaths among women are due to heart attack. Also the way women respond to a heart attack is quite different from their counterparts. As per statistics, in the US, heart disease is one of the greatest health risks that pose a threat to majority of the life.

A number of studies have been conducted which brought the fact to the light that women tend to experience early symptoms of cardiac distress before a month, weeks or days. But most of these symptoms are overlooked considering it to be normal. Following are some of the symptoms that women may most likely to experience.

1) Fatigue: Women might experience sudden tiredness and fatigue. Though most of them tend to overlook it and ignore it.

2) Shortness of breath: You might find difficulty in breathing and will also experience chest pain along with it.

3) Flu like symptoms: clamminess, nauseatic feeling and cold sweats that are very much alike flu symptoms might also be experienced. It has been found that women experience these symptoms for about two weeks before the occurrence of the attack.

4) General loss of appetite, discomfort and anxiety are often experienced.

5) Pain or discomfort on the centre of the chest, upper body, stomach etc. is other symptom.

6) Heartburn, tightness in the chest, feeling of heaviness that may extend up to the left arm or the shoulder etc. might be experienced.

7) Rapid heartbeats, palpitation, fluid retention, swelling etc. are the other symptoms that you will notice.

There are some conditions that increase the risks of heart attack and thus knowing about them will be helpful in minimizing the risk in future.Obesity, smoking, diabetes, menopause,physically inactive, high blood pressure, heredity etc. are some of the conditions that might increase the risk of heart attack.

Though it is popularly believed that the symptoms of heart attack in women are different from those men experience but, recent studies have found that there are rather many more similarities than differences. According to the research presented by the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, both men and women have almost the same symptoms. According to America's Heart Association, about 935,000 cases of heart attack occur every year. Take Care!!


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Jul 26, 2012
very important and very much required information for our penmai. com members. thanks for providing such a vital information GKarti

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