Heart disease differs in women

Sep 6, 2011
According to the research conducted by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Instt., U.S.A, 3 million women in this country have coronary artery disease that is invisible using standard procedures like angiogram. In these women, instead of blockages developing in the arteries supplying blood to the heart, the plaque (due to deposition of cholesterol) accumulates more evenly inside the major arteries and smaller blood vessals. In other cases, the arteries fail to expand properly or go into spasm often times causing physical or emotional stress.

Consequently, in some cases, Doctors may not suspect heart problems. In such patients, the symptoms are often unusual: instead of classic crushing chest pain, sweating and shotness of breath, they complain of vague symptoms like fatique, stomach upset or pain in the jaw or shoulders. Hence women with such symptoms are to be careful.

In country like ours, this information on the possible differential symptoms in women due to heart disease would help to take appropriate treatment, without loss of time.

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