Aug 8, 2013
I followed dis diet n i lost 6kgs in one month.i jst want to knw dat do v hav diet plan for second month bcoz i need to loose sum more kgs..or can i follow d same diet again..


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Sep 19, 2012
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Oct 15, 2011
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Our sumitra and jayanthy sis will give you more suggestion .... pls wait for them...
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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Puja, please follow the instructions given below:

1/2 hour aerobic exercise everyday.
Join Gym if you are affordable to the same. Otherwise do skipping 500 jumps. Do breathing exercises (Pranayama). Better join Yoga classes and learn Yoga, pranayama and meditation under the guidance of Guru.

Now coming to the diet plan:
First week of second month:
First thing in the morning when you get up from the bed, drink two glasses of tulsi water (soak 5 to 10 tulsi leaves over night in a copper vessel with clean drinking water, strain out the leaves and drink the water)(copper vessel is not there means no problem, soak it any available vessel)
09 : 00 am Take one chappathi (avoid adding ghee or oil while making chappathi) with chutney and take small cup of milk

11:30am Eat small cup of sprouts along with onion, cucumber, few drops of lime juice, pomegranate

02:00PM: Eat big bowl of raw vegetable salad with a vegetable soup

5:00PM; cup of green tea

7:30 PM : one bowl of vegetable salad with fruit
Go for a 20 minutes walk before going to bed
Second week :
8:00am: two glasses of plain water with soaked 5 almonds with the skin
9:00 am : ragi bread with green chutney and a cup of milk
11:30 am:any medium sized fruit of your choice
1:30 Pm: any thing for lunch you can take but with a limit
5:30 pm green tea (with biscuits if you want)
7:30 PmVegetable salad with vegetable soup
08:30 pm: a fruit of your choice
go for a 20 minute walk before going to bed
Third week
In the morning, take 2 glasses of warm water in the morning along with 5 almonds with skin
9:00 am : vegetable sandwich using ragi bread
11:00 am: a fruit of your choice
1:30 pm: chapathi with vegetable salad and vegetable soup
5:00pm: a cup of green tea
7:30 pm: chapaththi with vegetable salad and a fruit of your choice
go for a walk twenty minutes before going to bed

Fourth week
first thing in the morning, drink 2 glasses of vendhayam water( soak vendhayam over night, drink only the water by filtering)
9:00 am a glass of milk and a fruit of your choice
11:30 am: a fruit of your choice
1:30 pm: a chapathi with pudhina (mint leaves) chutney
5:00 pm : cup of green tea and biscuits if you want
7:00 pm: vegetable sandwich and a cup of milk
8:30 pm: a small bowl of water melon
Go for a walk for twenty minutes before going to bed
All the best. thank you!


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May 20, 2011
I followed dis diet n i lost 6kgs in one month.i jst want to knw dat do v hav diet plan for second month bcoz i need to loose sum more kgs..or can i follow d same diet again..
hello Puja .
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General Motors (GM) Diet Plan

General Motors diet plan often referred as GM Diet Plan was initiated by General Motors Corporation, with an objective to integrate and maintain the healthy life of GM employees. The diet plan started with General Motors Corporation employee soon became a world popular diet plan which was adopted by people across the world. The 7 day diet plan is based on the intake of specified food items which includes raw materials such as vegetables, fruits, juice, lean meat and avoid the intake of any dairy products. The popularity of this diet program is its fast weight reducing technique in a span of a week.
Unlike other dieting program which reduces body fat up to 10 pounds in seven days, GM motors diet has shown some significant result of losing 12-14 lbs fat in the same period. Many people who are yet to follow this diet plan may not be very sure about the effectiveness and the outcome of following GM diet. According to the survey by some of the well known diet researchers, GM diet plan has been proved to be the safest and the most preferred dieting plan among individual. Though there are certain effects, which a GM diet follower may experience during the first few days of his diet plan. However after few days a person will experience a soothing effect of this diet plan.

Why GM diet plan?
GM diet plan is a unique and most accepted dietary technique with effective and faster result. An individual may lose 8-10 kg of body fat by strictly following this dietary program . Since it is a short term diet plan, it is easy to follow and improve your lifestyle. Designed by GM corporation with an objective to help their mid-aged employees to slim their body for a healthy life after retirement, the plan became world popular due to its drastic result.
A seven day – Diet plan:
GM diet plan works on seven day dieting program. An individual interested to lose weight through this plan should follow strict dieting technique for a week. The follower needs to control his food intake and should do 10 minutes regular exercise for the effective outcome of this diet plan. The GM diet is divided into seven days, which requires the intake of specified meal for each day. A person starts the diet with the intake of green vegetables, fruits and lean meat to detoxify his body thereby showing some effective result in less time. Water intake is an important aspect of this dieting technique, and a follower of this diet plan is strictly advised to consume at least 10 glass of water every day.

Benefits of GM diet plan:
GM diet plan has been very effective for people who were suffering from various diseases (arthritis,hypertension etc) due to their overweight. This diet plan has helped them to reduce a huge mass of their body fat in less time thereby making them more healthy and fit.
1. It helps to detoxify the body from harmful chemical thereby cleaning the entire body and preparing it for a healthy dietary technique.
2. An individual may lose 8-10 kg of body fat in seven days
3. An easy way to maintain a slim and perfect body figure
4. Enhances the glow and beauty of your skin and gives you a toned muscle
5. Beneficial for people of all ages

Side-effects of GM diet plan:
A new follower of GM diet may experience hunger, weakness and sweating in first few days of his dieting program. He may experience body pain, heat, and increase in metabolic rate which can be reducing by regular intake of water. A person on GM diet plan should drinks lots of water so that he can maintain the required energy level of his body and keep himself hydrated throughout the program. Less consumption of water may result in weakness and other health issues. After few days of the diet program, the body of the individual gets accustomed to the dietary plan and works in accordance to the dieting technique.

Who can follow GM diet plan:
Any individual who wants to lose excess weight can follow GM diet plan; however, the diet plan should be avoided by any pregnant women. A person should follow this programme once in a month to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, people suffering from Hypertension, diabetes, or any heart related problems should not go for this diet plan. GM diet is very effective if followed properly and strictly.
Some common tips for a healthy life:
A healthy life lives in a healthy body, and one should take care of his body and health at every stage of his life. The most crucial factor behind an unhealthy lifestyle is the body weight which can cause various problems and health disease. Many severe health issues can be easily avoided with the proper maintenance of body weight. Diseases like joint pain, arthritis can be controlled by maintain a proper body mass proportion.
Some common tips that one can follow to maintain a proper and healthy body are:

  • Regular exercise for 30-45 minutes every day is a great way maintaining a healthy and fit life.The exercise can be done through Yoga, Gym, aerobics or even a 35 minute walk is sufficient to reenergize your body.
  • Intake of sufficient amount of water. One should drink 3-4 liters water in a day as it is a good way of eliminating harmful chemicals from your body
  • Avoid any oily or junk food. Sweet, Chips, fat based food products, should be avoided in your daily food intake. This can be very effective in losing weight and can make a huge difference in your lifestyle.
If you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy and happy life, then all you need to do is to follow the GM diet which is a provenfast weight reducing program and take few precautions as suggested above.You can easily achieve your goal with GM dietary technique and will feel the difference in a week time. Enjoy a healthy life with GM diet and make your life happy and beautiful.

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