'Help! I'm unable to climax during sex!'


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
'Help! I'm unable to climax during sex!'

My partner and I love being with each other, enjoy long sessions of lovemaking, but I never reach a climax. Is something wrong with us or the situation?

Ironical that in our society good sex education is still frowned upon. Even when we do get some, it is taught in such a way that the focus is on hygiene and prevention against diseases. Hardly ever, do we find that anyone is willing to teach us about the pleasure aspects, which are even more important.

No wonder, we learn only through trial and error about intimacy for couples. If we end up being with a partner who is not adventurous enough, we might just as well will die without ever experiencing anything. So it is very likely that you and your partner are not doing the right body motions.

A woman's private organs are hidden and hard to reach if the man does not know where they are and how he can reach them. A visit to a couple of good websites and books on female anatomy will be helpful for both of you to read. You must then let him explore your body, preferably in front of a mirror as you help him learn more about the female body.

A man is typically trying to please himself as much as he is trying to please you. This is very natural. However, all couples have to realise that there will be times when your job is to please only your partner whether you achieve a climax or not. In most cases, if you have a strong emotional bond with your partner, you will feel a sense of pleasure by helping your partner reach a climax. Thus, you must emphasise to your partner that he needs to make love to you for your own sake also, at least some time.

You must also make sure that you are physically able to experience pleasure. If certain positions are uncomfortable for you, please try other ones. You may also try pleasure creams for women that will help with lubrication. Consult a doctor for more help.

You must also ask your partner if he is experiencing discomfort or pain. Does he suffer from any other complications? He must immediately see a physician for advice.

If none of the above applies to you, then just keep trying. Gather as much knowledge as you can through websites, videos, and books and a personal advisor and then do not hesitate to try till you achieve a climax.

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