Help me friends...Im confused!!

Dec 26, 2013
Hi friends...You all know that im trying for a baby nearly two years...For last three months, im having symptoms like my breast is very very soft and it hurts even i touch lightly...sometimes dizziness and during night i had very high body temperature..even my husband is saying your body is very heat nu...These symptoms starts one week before my period..My periods is getting delayed by 5 days ..i will think that im pregnant...but after 5 or 6 days my periods came...this month also im having all these symptoms..Till now periods doesnt come but i feel like its coming..Im totally confused...i read all these are symptoms of pregnancy..its really horrible time to wait for my positive pregnancy test...But i dont want to get disappointed if i get negative result..two days before i had a dream like im pregnant even after i woke up i feel like pregnant and my stomach is big ..Later only i realized its dream and my husband is waiting for a baby..i dont have mother and i need to become a mother and my mother should come as a baby for me...Please friends can any one help me why symptoms are coming but why periods is coming late nu..


Friends's of Penmai
Sep 9, 2012
don't worry saraswathi, the breast tenderness is due to hormonal changes. if you want to stop worry try home pregnancy test. instead of just confusing you test it and know. if it is positive be happy or else don't lose hope god will bless you with good baby soon. don't worry.

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