help me pls.....


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Apr 4, 2012
find out his past secretly whether he had any girl friend or ex-love whom he could not forget....if his heart is already reserved for somebody...???????

if there is nothing like that inform his parents and your parents about this.....either a defect in his heart or in the body....whatelse can be friend....all the best..

before all this check out whether he is in some pooja or viratham...


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Jul 5, 2011
Hi Shanthiaunty,

sorry to see your matter of fact help. Is it your first marriage?

5 Facts You MUST Understand If You Are EverGoing To Fix Your Sexless Marriage & Enjoy
The Kind of Intimacy You Deserve

If you are feeling unwanted and unloved because you are not being satisfied sexually or even just intimacy with the physical act of caressing and hugging you may be familiar with such feelings as humiliation, frustration, low self esteem, anger and so on at being treated like this.

If so i have just five words for you. "It Is Not Your Fault!"

One of the biggest traps many men and women fall into when trying to deal with their sexless marriage is putting blame upon themselves

I am too fat now. I do not treat them well enough. I caused this.

This sort of thinking gets no results and makes matters worse. The person who committed to a life with you and was once your lover who has turned is the one with the problem not you ... and thankfully it is something that can be fixed.

How to Bring Intimacy Back to a Sexless Marriage
There is always an underlying cause to the reason your lover has become cold and indifferent to your sexual requests. There can in fact be a number of reasons and discovering what these are will aid you in fixing your sexless marriage.

A few of the more common reasons for low sex drives or withheld sex include:

1. Resentment
Having problems in a marriage is normal and often it can lead to a better understanding of each other when they are resolved. Resentment however is the result of possibly years of unresolved issues that have reached a point where they have effected your spouse quite physically in the sex drive department.

This could be a power imbalance in the relationship, a resentment over past infidelities or about money even or a whole range of small things bundled into one. This can build a wall of seething anger below the surface that acts out with the result of being physically repulsed.

2. Physical Problems
Men especially have this issue with performance problems such as premature ejaculation and impotence but women also can have issues such as loss of feeling after childbirth and changes to the female reproductive system than can make sex painful or uncomfortable.
This can manifest in a sense of anxiety or shame as they may think it is their own fault or are somehow sacred to admit it. Luckily these things can be treated medically often.

3. Psychological Illness
Depression, anxiety disorders and a whole host of problems can best people and sometimes you cannot pinpoint when or how it happened. This can be cause by so many things. Sexual assault, loss of job, childbirth and many other things that happen or resurface.
These can be a serious issue and sometimes can be healed with love and understanding but sometimes also need the help of a professional.

How to uncover there things and also how to begin to overcome sexless marriages in general is all about communication

1. A sexless marriage isn’t a problem in itself. It’s a symptom of something much deeper. Trying to solve the symptom instead of the problem can actually make things worse between you. If you really want to get the sex back into your marriage you must look deeper to find the real cause.

2. This isn’t something which only you experience. It is estimated that over 15% of couples live in sexless relationships. For years this problem has been swept under the rug.

3. Sexless marriages aren’t the result of aging. There are plenty of couples who have regular sex well into their 70′s and 80′s. On the other hand, there are many couples who fall into a sexless situation in their 30′s or even 20′s. Age is no excuse to stop having sex.

4. Trying to read one of those so-called expert books on how to improve a couple’s sex life won’t help. You need something which provides a true solution for YOU. The reason is that these books are written for men and women both. This isn’t the way to go. You need something which is specifically for you.

5. Waiting for this situation to clear up on its own is like saying goodbye to sex forever. Don’t bury your head in the sand, it is up to you to find the solution for your sexless marriage. Some couples go on for years without having sex. Don’t let this happen to you.

Good luck,

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