He's a shy guy


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
He's a shy guy

They say girls are impossible to figure. But the same can be said about guys too, that's because girls allegedly are willing to disclose all their worries, the moment they find a listening ear.

However, traditionally most guys avoid mushy stuff because they are usually bad with emotional stuff. They don't like to talk about their feelings and are usually bad communicators.

Here are some pointers:

He talks about his personal life -
Most guys don't like talking about their personal life, simply because they have to live up to their tough macho image. The very fact that this guy is sharing information about his personal life regarding his family, worries etc. means that he trusts you and likes to talk about stuff that guys usually don't like talking about.

He does chores for you -
When a guy offers to do your assignments, project work or even doing simple things like taking your doggie for a walk shows that he likes you. And if he accompanies you for shopping even though you can see him getting bored, this guy definitely likes you!

He asks for your opinions and help -
If the guy in question, seeks your advice on solving professional problems like dealing with his boss, or picking up a gift for his parents or his friends, chances are that he is smitten by you. That's because he cherishes your opinion and definitely looks up to your advice.

He often gives you lovely gifts -
Gifting something is different from gifting something you like a lot. When a guy manages you gives you the ideal gift according to you, its a sign that he is paying a lot attention to you, your likes and dislikes.

He introduces you to his folks -
Whenever a guy introduces a girl to his parents, especially his mother, it's a sure sign that he likes you. A guy doesn't introduce any random girl to his mommy dearest.

You're a part of his inner circle -
If you're invited to his house even for a casual lunch or hanging out with his cousins or go for a double date with his closest pals, this guy is into you. Making you a part of his inner circle, sends signals that you are important to him.

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