high fibre foods for kids

Aug 29, 2012
my kid is suffering from constipation and loves snacks very much. pls give me some high fibre foods for kids.

thank you in advance.


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Feb 8, 2012
Hi Chithra,
nishameetha thread contains a complete list http://www.penmai.com/forums/weight-loss-diet-guide/25095-high-fibre-indian-recipes.html
Raw coconut is also good source of fibre. In addition, life style is also important.Please make him to get up early. Give him hot milk or kanji in the morning. Add fruits and greens regularly in diet.
Adding greens:
Kids may not like greens.
1. Make spinach chapathi or puri alternate days
2. Boil the murungai keerai in Dal water with cumin -pepper powder and salt. Once the leaves are cooked , remove the leaves. You can add this water while making rasam or give the dal water as soup.


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Jan 21, 2012
1) Whole Grain/Whole Wheat Bread, Crackers and Tortillas

Many kids’ diets are higher in refined grains, those grains that have been stripped of fiber. Instead, look for less-processed options like 100% whole grain and whole wheat breads, tortillas and crackers.
2) Whole Grain/Whole Wheat Pasta
For many kids, pasta is a diet staple, making this a great place to introduce more fiber. If your child balks at the taste of whole grain pasta, try mixing it in with your regular pasta, increasing the amount of the whole grain option each time. Check your Co-op’s bulk department for a great array of affordable whole wheat pastas.
3) Cereal
Not all cereal is created equal. Many are loaded with sugar and empty calories. Read the labels for words like “bran” or “whole wheat.” A high fiber cereal should have at least 5 grams of fiber/serving. Head to our bulk department for a great array of healthy cereal and granola options.
4) Fresh Fruit
The fiber benefits in fresh fruits are loaded into the skin. Often, kids prefer to peel the skin off fruit or drink fruit juice, both of which are stripped of fiber. When giving your kids fresh fruit, try cutting them into thin slices so the skin is less obvious.
Or, offer fruits that have skins that children typically like: berries, plums, grapes and peaches. Fresh vegetables also have fiber-rich skins.
When purchasing produce, keep in mind the dirty zone, those fruits and vegetables with the most pesticide residue. Prioritize purchasing these produce items organic.

5) Beans and Legumes
Beans are not only filled with fiber, but they are also an excellent source of protein and iron. From black beans, to lentils and edamame, you can incorporate beans into your child’s diet liberally.
Beans work well with many kid-friendly meals and snacks, from bean dip to veggie chili and quesadillas. Plus, they are very affordable and an excellent protein-rich alternative, or addition to, grass-fed, organic meat.

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