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Dec 2, 2011
Hi @ajiswami

I think, you are asking this about using these products for your child.

No ma, regarding soaps, shampoos, body oil etc. you need not use any branded items.

Instead you can use the பயத்தமாவு for soap and shampoo purpose. This is the safest product for the infants. You can use only these atleast for another 6 months. Even till 1 year, you can use them.

Powder is not at all necessary for the infant. so you can avoid it.

Next for body massage oil, you can use the CODLIVER OIL which will be available in the medical shops.

You massage this only on the legs (daily) and keep the child's legs be shown in the early morning sun. You can put the child on your stretched legs.

By doing this, you are giving the whole strength for the legs of the child throughout his/her life.

You can follow this atleast for 6 months.

Then for other body massage oil, you can either use the simple coconut oil daily or the gingelly oil once in a week.

These are all natural products which will never harm the skin of the infants.

Please do not use any kind of branded items on the baby's tender skin.

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