hindu family now inlaw forcing to christian

Mar 27, 2016
we (me and my husband)both are traditional hindu family. my mother in law was impressed by christianity by her friend and she goes to church. now he is compelling us to come to church and ask us to convert to christianity.

we said no to this. so she is very much upset and not talking to us. other than this she has no issues or problems with us.

she has a daughter too and she is doing the same to her too.

how to explain her and make her to convince. we are not against her views and beliefs at the same time we cannot change our religion.


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Dec 2, 2011
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Yes...this happens with many converted Christians and Muslims. They will try very hard to convert others too.

I am not trying to hurt the feelings of those people. Not all of them do this. Just having witnessed many people, I am telling this.

Now it is only in the hands of your husband and SIL to object to her compulsion.

Please bear in mind that there is nothing wrong in just praying or visiting the Church. It doesn't mean that we will be converted or brain washed just by visiting the Church.

We can go to the church. It is just your (also your hubby and SIL) Will Power not to get brainwashed by others and get converted.

Now , just to satisfy your MIL, your hubby can tell her that you people may visit the church whenever you like but not make it a hard and fast rule to attend all the Masses like Sunday Mass or any other christian festivals etc. And she should never compel any of you regarding this.

He may also tell that you people love her so much and respect her in all aspects but cannot accept only this compulsion. She is a very good mother who has taught so many good things and it is your right to follow the religion you like and no body can compel others to change it.

He can also tell that you respect her views and beliefs regarding the other religion but will never talk ill about her for these. In the same way she should reciprocate to you people by respecting your views and beliefs.

He can also tell her that you people are very happy being Hindus and will never want to change from it.

He should also tell strictly that she should not try to convert your children( if ever you find out that she is trying to do so).

He can also tell that all religions are same and nothing is more above the other and that you people are satisfied being a Hindu.

Also he may ask her as how she would feel if you people compel her to change her religion either to Islam or come back to Hinduism...will she be able to accept? it is the same feeling for you also.

If she is telling that some of her problems or ailments have been cured after changing to Christianity, and that is why she is insisting you people also, then your hubby may tell her that even the Hindu religious leaders may do the same or it is your karma to deserve or suffer that problem, which will very soon get rid of .

Please bear in mind, you should never talk any of these to her. Only your hubby and SIL may talk to her.
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