Home Made Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin


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Jun 28, 2011

  • [*=left]Mash Bananas with Milk and apply, leave it for 15 minutes. Wash off with fresh water and see the glow on your face

  • [*=left]Rub a piece of Papaya or Mango on your face for 10 minutes. This helps to enrich your skin

  • [*=left]Soak some almonds overnight. In the morning, peel the almonds and eat them with honey and wash your eyes with the overnight soaked water.

  • [*=left]Boil some cabbage in plenty of water. Wash your face with residual water

  • [*=left]Apply honey on your face on 30 minutes and wash off with cold water. It will make you feel very fresh and relaxing

  • [*=left]Soak Methi seeds overnight and grind to make a paste. Apply to hair and rinse after an hour. It moisturizes, strengthens and adds shine

  • [*=left]Mix one cup of sugar with fresh lime juice. Massage it gently on your hand s for 15 minutes and feel the never felt soft hands

  • [*=left]Before washing hair, apply curd on your hair for half an hour and feel your hair so soft

  • [*=left]During winters every night after thorough cleaning , massage your skin with almond oil or olive oil

  • [*=left]Always allow hair to dry naturally. If at all the hair dryer is being used, take it at the lowest spped and with cool air

  • [*=left]A weekly head massage is very important for hair. It strengthens the hair and improves the blood circulation

  • [*=left]To have healthy shiny hair, treat your scalp with a mixture of almond oil and olive oil, leave for 10-15 minutes and wash your hair. This also reduces hair loss. You can also wrap a hot towel over your head for the oil to seep in easily and also to open all your pores.


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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Sumathisrini, wonderful home made beauty tips you have shared to get the glowing skin. thank you

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