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Sep 3, 2012
Hi Friends!

Here, I'll Show you Some Natural Ways for Acidity Relief at home!

Acidity occurs due to an upset stomach and it gives rise to a grinding pain. Using some fine home remedies is a good way to get relief from this problem. It’s related to the formation of gas and the illness of heartburn. This disease causes burning sensations in your chest.

To get rid from this problem, take fruits like papaya, watermelon and cucumbers. Add them in your diet to make a positive difference in your health. Find out some more tips in this regard right here!!


Main Home Remedies to Treat Acidity
Holy Basil - The use of holy basil heals the problem of stomach acid. You can make tea by using this herb and drink it twice a day.

Mint juice- To calm the burning sensation in the chest, take mint juice. Its cool nature proves to be very fruitful in decreasing the symptom of pain from your stomach.

Chamomile- Use dry chamomile to make tea. Just take 2 teaspoons of the dried powder of this herb and pour one cup boiling water over it. Cover it and let it steep for around 15 minutes. After that, strain this tea and let it cool down for sometime. Drink this one to get relief from the problems of bloating, gas and acidity.

Peppermint- Peppermint helps in fixing the problems of gas and acidity from the stomach. Make tea with the leaves of this herb. For this, take around 2 tablespoons of dry peppermint leaves and pour one cup of boiling water over it. Let it cool for sometime and then strain it and drink it. Chewing the raw leaves of this herb also treats this abdominal disorder.

Garlic broth- Make a garlic broth by mixing crushed garlic cloves in one cup of water. Boil it and add ginger for taste if you wish. This remedy works greatly to remove the problems of gas and acidity.

Parsley- Chewing some parsley leaves gives you relief from an upset stomach problem. Blend the leaves of this herb to form a juice for getting a better laxative effect. But do not take more than 2 oz. of this juice as it can cause uneasiness in your body.

Apple cider vinegar- This vinegar is used to neutralize the effect of the stomach acid. Its use prevents the future bouts of acidity. Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in one glass of water and drink it thrice a day. You can also add honey to it.

Neem- Neem is a natural plant that has the ability to treat certain digestive problems like excessive burning, odor, pain, heartburn and gas. The usage of its oil helps in treating the disorders of gas and acidity.

Fenugreek- It helps in soothing the problems of stomach and stimulates liver bile. This one even gives relief from the illnesses of gas and heartburn.

Turmeric - Turmeric regulates the flow of the bile and so it helps in facilitating a proper digestion process. But its intake is bad for pregnant ladies as it can cause the problems of skin allergies, heart, liver, gall bladder and bleeding disorders.

Other Home remedies- The intake of coconut water and almonds gives you relief from the problem of acidity.

- Drinking cold milk (without adding sugar) also helps in healing this digestive problem. You should drink it sip by sip and not just in one go.

- A regular use of jaggery or gur fixes an upset stomach. But in some cases, this remedy does not work; because, most of the times, the jaggery people buy from the market is artificially flavored and colored. So it does not give the desired relief. If not jaggery, then try to go for the whole fruit, sugarcane. Its excellent for your liver.

- Half glass of butter milk mixed with one tablespoon of coriander juice treats the problems of stomach burns, indigestion and acidity.

Acidity gives rise to the problem of excessive heartburn. However, if you are suffering from a severe form of acidity then consult a good medical expert.


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Jul 26, 2012
For Acidity problem, your suggestions are very useful. thank you Karthiga!
Apr 28, 2014
Acid reflux is normally caused after the consumption of heavy meal, this causes the food to leak backwards to the oesophagus causing heartburn and other irritations

A ready made home remedy to this is, swallowing a handful of fenugreek slowly followed by drink a glass full of water.

Stay healthy! Stay Happy! :)
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