home remedies for avoiding pimples and black marks


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Dec 6, 2012
Dubai, UAE
hi in my face many black marks due to pimples. please tel simple and easy home remedies for avoiding pimples and black marks on my face.
Hi there,

Pimples can be avoided by keeping the skin clean and this is the major step. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize.

Milk is a good cleanser.
For exfoliating mix sugar with yoghurt or oats with milk and scrub to get rid off the impurities, white heads and black heads.
Moisturize with honey, any fruit pack or with some thing that you follow usually. That's it, so simple to maintain the skin.

To get rid off the pimple mark, i will paste below my previous post in other thread.

You already have got lots of tips to cure your pimple marks. Already you might be in confusion to try all the posts, so here comes my posting to confuse you more, just kidding because you will be happy to receive multiple answers for your queries.

One of my niece had pimple marks throughout her face. As far as i know she tried everything that every one around her told to try. At one point she was frustrated and stopped trying everything. One of my grandmother insisted her to follow her method and it really worked out well.

Grind and apply mustard(kadugu). Make sure you apply it exactly on the black mark and no were else on the normal skin, leave it until it dries and wash it. Mustard will cause irritation, even tears might come because it will be so harsh. Then apply nutmeg (jadhikkai) since this gives a cooling effect. Fresh aloevera or aloevera jel is also good. Drink plenty of water. Keep your scalp free from dandruff. Dont apply too much oil for your hair. Wash your face often. Lemon is also good. Along with this you can try some medicated skin lightening or black spot removing cream.

Let us know once your face gets the sheen!

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