Home remedies for Chicken Pox!!


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Sep 3, 2012


►Applying Lavender oil directly on the spots will help the spots turning to blisters if done in the initial stage.

►Adding brown vinegar in bathtub water and have bath. This method is effective in reducing the irritation of the skin.

►Neem leaves are also good in relieving the itching of the rashes.

►Applying honey over the rashes is also very good for healing the rashes fast and curing chickenpox.

►Diet should consist mainly of vegetables and fruits. Avoid spicy and oily food as this may aggravate the situation and prolong the duration of chickenpox.

►Lemon juice is very good in chicken pox but you can also give vegetable juice and other fruit juices.

►A child may develop blisters in the mouth, making eating or drinking painful. The child should be encouraged to drink fluids to prevent dehydration. To alleviate pain, provide cold fluids.

►Soups prepared from Carrots and coriander has a benefiting effect in treating Chicken Pox.

►Ginger added to a warm or cool bathwater will help the itching. Take as many baths as needed.

►Honey will relieve itching and help to heal the chicken pox within a few days.

►Keep children at home from school and day care until all blisters have crusted. A child with chickenpox is extremely contagious until the last crop of blisters has crusted.

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