Home Remedies for Diabetes!!


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Sep 3, 2012


By Methi seeds

  • The fenugreek seeds or Methi seeds play a vital and effective role in managing to wipe off the symptoms of diabetes.

  • The process starts with the soaking of the said seeds from the previous night.

  • The water concentrated by the seeds has to be consumed by the diabetic patient early in the morning in an empty stomach.

  • To make the natural treatment of the solution more effective, the soaked seeds need to be crushed and sieved through a piece of cloth or piece of filter paper.

  • Thus it helps in balancing the amount of sugar in the human body.
By natural fruit juices

  • We all know and science proves that the fresh fruits and its juices contain vitamin-A in high degrees.

  • Science also proves that some particular fruit juices help very effectively in minimizing the high sugar levels in the human body.

  • Some particular fruit juices and fresh vegetables contain antioxidants, rare micro-nutrients that enriched with anti-diabetic ingredients.

  • The green bitter gourd or karela juice is also of an immense anti-sugar power.

  • Grape juice, boiled mango leaves water etc are some of the recommended natural therapies to diabetes.
By Aloe gel

1. Science authenticates that the Aloe vera contains anti-diabetic fluids.

2. A natural treatment process for diabetes can be made by taking few teaspoons of ground bay-leaf, one teaspoon of turmeric and make it a mixture.

3. This mixture has again to be mixed with an equal volume of Aloe vera gel.

4. This final mixture should be taken before lunch and dinner on a daily basis.

5. This process results in faster recovery from high blood sugar levels.

By eating chapattis

  • This is another simple and easy remedy for diabetes.

  • If we can consume adequate amount of fiber in our daily foods, then diabetes can be well managed.

  • In the daily Indian foods at home, chapattis are the most common. Science says that chapattis have fiber content which needs to be consumed on a regular basis.

  • The refined wheat flour has to be mixed with a combination of various cereals' flour which consists of high soluble fibers e.g. the barley flour, chana dal (lentils) and soya beans etc.

  • This process is also very effective.
By Jarul or Banaba herbs

In addition to the above methods, there are also herbal remedies for diabetes. There is an herb known as 'Jarul' or Banaba which contains very high concentrated corosolic acid which is the most powerful biochemical substance helping in stimulating the increasing of glucose faster and thereby regulating the blood sugar and levels of insulin.

Therefore this process is a recommended formula for minimizing diabetes. The extracts, powder of this plant are used to make herbal tea which is also beneficial for maintaining a balance in bodily ingredients.

By Jamun and other anti-diabetic plants

  • In fact, each and every part, leaves, berries and seeds of a jamun plant are helpful in decreasing the blood sugar levels. This plant is rare in having this feature.

  • The neem leaves are very much beneficial in controlling sugar levels too.

  • The Indian goose berry (Amla) has also the same effect in controlling the sugar levels.

  • The Tulasi leaves, the Bel leaves and the Neem leaves are boiled together to prepare a concentrated solution which has the increased potency to minimize the diabetic sugar levels to the greatest extent.


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Jul 26, 2012
Hi Karthiga, really very useful information you have compiled and posted. thank you very much!


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Thanks a lot Karthi, for the useful tips for diabetes

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