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Before going to know the tips, one should note that all of them do not have a similar kind of hair with respect to texture, density, distribution pattern, conditioning etch. So different types of hair have different requirements to keep them healthy and attractive. But two common things lie in the centre amongst all other differences are

1) Keep Your Hair and scalp clean and fresh by regular head baths.

2) Maintain good blood circulation for your hair by massaging and regular combing.

Also one should avoid or get treated for infestations with lies etch. For premature graying and uncontrolled hair-loss one should take balanced diet (rich in vitamins vit-E and biotin), avoid unnecessary chemicals that can cause damage to hair and hair follicles. Other reasons for hair fall and greying of hair are stressful life, pollution and dandruff (which is believed to be due to a fungus)

[h=3]Homemade remedies for healthy hair[/h]1) Add tea spoon of honey in a glass of milk. Apply this mixture to the hair from the roots to the tip of the hairs. Wash after fifteen minutes with lukewarm water. Milk and honey moisten the hair and avoid drying.

2) Take few Hibiscus leaves and make a paste by grinding. Apply this paste to hair. It makes the hair shiny as well as silky.

3) Take 3/4th of water and 1/4th of venigar in a glass. This can act as an after shower conditioner. After shampooing your hair, apply this mixture and leave for five minutes. Then wash with lukewarm water for Shiny hair.

4) Take leaves of Fenugreek, Brahmi leaves, Amla, karivepaku and boils them in coconut oil. Apply this oil after cooling to fight early greying of hair.

5) Make a mixture of Curd/Yoghurt and egg white. Apply this to hair and leave for half an hour. After that take a head bath with shampoo.

Follow the above tips for healthy, shiny, conditioned hair.

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thanks a lot.have been facing hair fall for a long time and was very worried

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