Home Remedies For Hip Sprains


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Jul 5, 2011
Home Remedies For Hip Sprains

It is nice to party and dance, but over doing might have led to serious hip sprains which needs to be treated immediately. Hip sprains can happen due to hip dislocation, injury in ligaments etc. The largest socket joint in the body pains badly and might even continue for days.

Hip sprains may be sprain in the thighbone, or femur or in the socket joint. Whenever the pressure is applied on the area through walking and bending, the sprain aggrevates leading severe injury and damage of joints.

Rest is the main treatment for hip sprains. Allowing the muscles to relax and ligaments to repair itself will relieve pain in days and make the person feel better.
Home remedies are also best for hip sprains as they are natural solutions and are generally applied externally. Intake of pain killers can cause side effects and make you feel weak. Here are some remedies.

Home Remedies For Hip Sprains
1. Hot Eucalyptus Bath – The eucalyptus tree oil is a wonder medicine. A few drops of the oil is added to the bucket of hot water. Taking the oil bath will relieve pain. The oil generates heat in the body and reduces pain.The medicinal properties fasten the curing process.

2. Hot Tub Bath With Salts – Rock salt is also a good remedy for body aches. Relaxing your back in a tub of hot water and rock salt will gradually reduce pain and make you feel better.

3. Ice Bags – You can even ask your partner to press your back with the ice bags. Ice relaxes stressed ligaments and relieves pain.

4. Ginger, Turmeric Paste – Ginger paste (fresh or dry) is mixed with turmeric and aloe vera. The power gel works like a pain relief product and brings the pain much better than the sprays available in markets.

5. Warm Oil Massage – Massaging body with oils such as castor, gingelly and coconut will lubricate the muscles and aid to quick repair.

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