Home Remedies for Pimples

Oct 8, 2011
When we are dealing with acne , which to a teenager is by far the most common gut wrenching disaster to strike fear in the heart of a teenager. What causes it is still unknow but we do know that your pores and glands that store oil in your face and body get clogged. Then it erupts like whipped cream exiting a can.

Most all people have had zits at one point in time and make it through life so its really only going to make your life hell for a few years so take heed its really not the end of the world

Did anyone ever wonder why the seem to show up at the most asinine moments. Right before the PROM ? WTF ? Your WEDDING ? WTF DOUBLE TIME?

More then likely Stress. Yes your doctor wont tell you that neither will the pimple pushers creamers corporations out there, but it does have something to do with your breakouts.
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