Home remedies for summer cold -


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Jul 5, 2011
Home remedies for summer cold -

Are you surprised to suffer summer cold? Well, don't be, it's a common symptom of the summer months. Summer cold is caused due to the constant fluctuation in the temperature inside and outside home. One of the basic reasons for summer cold is Air Conditioners. We tend to be in the AC room for most of the time but then are constantly in and out of the room for work purpose. This fluctuation in temperature causes summer cold. Another reason is dehydration, which makes the inside of the nose dry and sensitive to virus.
Some of the common symptoms of summer cold are sore throat, ear pain, slight fever and sudden cold chills.

Home remedies for summer cold -

1.Intake of Vitamin C rich food is one of the effective home remedies for summer cold. Vitamin C rich fruits in summer are oranges, lemons etc. Vitamin C enhances the immune system and thus, protect the system from virus attack.

2.Another effective home remedy for summer cold is to stay hydrated. Summer cold adds on to the dehydration process thus, drink plenty of water and fruit juice. Dehydration is one of the causes of summer cold.

3.Saline irrigation is yet another effective home remedies for summer cold. The neti pot treatment is one of the best saline irrigation techniques. It is a special pot which has a tall pipe jutting out from one side of the vessel. Put luke warm water with salt in the pot. Place the pipe on one of the nostrils and tilt your head. The water should then travel from your one nostril through the forehead and out of the other nostril. This clears the whole passage and also clears the mucus.

4.As virus is one of the causes of cold in this season, one of the home remedies for summer cold is to have some natural antibiotic. Mix turmeric powder in one glass of hot milk and consume it twice a day. This is one of the best treatments for summer cold.

Try these four home remedies to treat and cure summer cold and avoid being a lot fluctuating temperatures.
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