Home Remedies To Whiten Dark Feet!!


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Sep 3, 2012

Feet is one of the most highly exposed body part. That is why, your feet always looks tanned, dark and unclean. Your feet is safe from dirt and sun tan only if you wear covered shoes. But, for how long can you wear shoes? Some or the other day you would like to wear smart sandals, flip flops or high heels. Exposure to sun causes sun tan and exposure to dirt darkens the feet. So, here are few home remedies to whiten the dark feet.

Home remedies to whiten dark feet:

This is a natural bleach to whiten dark skin. Be it sun tan on the arms, shoulders, face or feet, you can massage with lemon juice for few minutes to get rid of the dark skin. Most of the times, dead skin forms a dark layer over the skin. Thus, lemon juice can be an effective home remedy to treat dark feet naturally.

White vinegar:
Add few drops of white vinegar to your pedicure solution. A pedicure at home can be done with hot water, lemon juice, glycerin, salt and white vinegar. This pedicure helps in lightening the dark feet and keeps it soft too. Glycerin softens the skin and keeps it moisturised whereas lemon and salt acts as exfoliators.

Gram flour and turmeric paste:
Bengal gram flour (besan) can be used as a skin care product at home. Just mix gram flour with turmeric powder. Add yoghurt and few drops of lemon juice to the powder and make a paste of it. Apply on the feet and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Hot oil massage:
The feet becomes dry and looks rough. This is because the feet has no oil glands. So, it is very important to care for your feet by moisturising it regularly. A hot oil massage not only moisturises the skin but also helps in removing dead skin and also cleanse it. Massage your feet with hot or warm oil to remove dirt from the skin folds. Follow up with a feet scrub and moisturise after washing the feet. Sesame seed oil is the best home remedy to whiten dark feet.

Coconut water:
If you have sun tan on your feet, you can massage it with coconut water. This is one effective home remedy to get rid of sun tan. Massage your feet with coconut water for 10-15 minutes before taking bath.

These are few home remedies to whiten dark feet naturally.


Ruler's of Penmai
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Jul 26, 2012
Thank you gkarti for your valuable suggestions to make the dark feet whiter. you have saved lot of money towards this work because if you go to beauty parlour the ways suggested by you only done by them and charged heavily.

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