homemade cerelac recipe for babies

Mar 25, 2015
cerelac is too costly to buy from store. can i prepare it by my own in home itself. my son loves the taste of cerlac. he eats it very well than other foods.


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Sep 3, 2012
Hiii @ashwinisuriya

Here's the Recipe - given by Jayanthy Aunty..

Take 1 kg of ragi. Clean it well. Soak it overnight. Then the next day, drain all the water. Take a clean white cloth and put the soaked ragi in it and tie it well. Keep aside for 2 days. Now, the ragi would be sprouted. Now, fry this ragi in a kadai, plainly (pachai vaasanai pogum varai). Make this into flour( maavu machine il).

Now, take some water in a utensil. Put 2 or 3 spoons of ragi flour. Add some sugar or very little salt , just for taste. Mix it well without break. Now , the healthy and delicious ragi koozh is ready and you can give this to your son using a spoon.( it need not be made as liquid at this age).

After 1 year , you can add other grains also, like, groundnut, badam, wheat, jowar, barley etc.

Keep one thing in mind. Whatever new food , whenever introduced to the child, it should be given in very small quantities. And if he is having fever, please do not give these kind of foods, since it will be difficult for him to digest.

Click the below link, where lots of details are given regarding the baby's food.

Mom!!!!!!!! Please give me healthy foods!!!!!! OK!!!!!!

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