Homemade Remedies To Get Rid Of Tan


Ruler's of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Here are some homemade remedies that assist in fading the tan and reverse the effect of sun's ray on our skin. The calming and soothing packs are wonderful after prolonged exposure to skin. They really work. Signed and sealed :)

  • Curd and Lemon - They both when together creates miracles. The lactic acid in curd acts a mild bleaching agent and with the presence of lemon juice it has a multiplier effect whilst removing the tan on your skin. 2 tbsp of curd and half a juice of lemon will do the trick.
  • Our age old Ubtan - 2 tbsp besan (gram flour), a pinch of turmeric (natural antiseptic), milk and some cream. Use it every day and rub it off gently after it dries. Use it regularly and watch the uneven tanning fade away.
  • Sunburn relief - Get some aloevera gel and mix it with cucumber water, add half teaspoon of honey and refrigerated curd. This pack will instantly give you relief and heal the sunburn quickly.
  • Raw milk and baking powder - Tanning takes place in upper layer of skin. This makes it imperative to go for regular exfoliation. Baking powder not only scrubs the dead skin away but with the help of raw milk it also leaves your skin baby soft.
  • Oats and honey - Finely milled oats, tomato juice, honey and curd. Blend it till you get a creamy paste. Use this scrub every alternate day. Zap the Tan!
  • Rub juice of raw potato on sun exposed area.
  • Makes a paste of sandalwood powder, mix 2 drops of rose essential oil and rose water. It calms the skin and reverses the effect of harmful rays of sun on your skin.
  • Fruity Paradise - Use the fruits to get your glow back. Mash the pulp of papaya, strawberries and pears. Mix curd and form a smooth paste. This mocktail will not only transport you to a fruity heaven but also soften the skin and refines skin texture!
Try these out for a bright skin!

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