homeopathy infertility treatment

Nov 26, 2012
need experience and suggesito abt homeopathy infertility treatment? we are in treatment for the last 5 years, still don't have baby.


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Jan 21, 2012
Choosing the right infertility treatment depends on a number of factors, including the cause of patient's infertility. For example, the best treatment for someone who is infertile because of insufficient hormone levels may differ from the right course for someone who has reproductive abnormalities. Likewise age, overall health, preferences for method of becoming a parent, and gender all have important roles to play in selecting the right treatment options.

The first step in choosing the best infertility treatment is a physical examination. A physical exam, performed by a qualified medical professional, may reveal underlying conditions that can lead to or worsen infertility. For example, an STD or a thyroid problem could interfere with conception. Additionally, targeted fertility testing can help to pinpoint problems with an individual's or couple's reproductive health.
Once the physical exam and infertility testing are complete, a doctor typically discusses any problems discovered and infertility treatment options with the patient or couple. This may reveal the best form of treatment right away. For example, if the problem is a low sperm count, the doctor may recommend treatment of infections, hormone replacement, or even surgery to boost the chances of a successful pregnancy. If treatment options do not appeal to the couple or are unlikely to work, artificial insemination may prove a better option. In some cases, the causes of infertility remain elusive and further testing is necessary.

source:How Do I Choose the Best Infertility Treatment?

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