Honey Diet: Simple Weight Loss Plan!


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Honey Diet: Simple Weight Loss Plan!

Honey is a healthy ingredient for the body. You can use it as a beauty product for natural skin care or drink it as a weight loss drink to burn body fat. There is a honey diet for easy weight loss.

Honey diet for weight loss:

1. Honey burns body fat and slims you fast. Honey has many health benefits which provides sufficient nutrition while dieting.

2. Honey is generally consumed with water. It can be consumed with hot water to burn body fat and lose weight without much effort.

3. Honey and lemon is a natural weight loss plan. Just drink honey with lemon juice and warm water every morning to stay active and lose weight.

4. Honey controls hunger so add few drops of honey in a glass of milk. A filling and nutritious drink.

5. If you want to include honey in your food, add few drops in low fat yogurt and have this healthy side dish with your breakfast.

6. Many dieters prefer having this natural sweetener in fruit salads. Just pour little honey in your fruit salad and have it. A healthy snack.

7. Have honey with oatmeal for a healthy and fat free breakfast. Honey and oatmeal is a nice combination to lose weight.

8. Have honey with hot water and lemon juice after every meal to burn extra calories. You should also have this after workout. It boosts energy and keeps you active.

Honey diet is simple and can be followed without much effort. The best benefit from the honey diet is that you don't have to follow a strict diet. Only drink plenty of water and avoid oily food for best results
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