Horsegram for Weight Loss

Nov 28, 2012

Horsegram, a kind of Indian bean which is variously known as kulath, muthira, gahat or kulthi, is considered a good weight loss aid. The Indian medicinal bible Ayurveda also suggests using Horsegram for weight loss. It is also used for treating various cough and breathing related problems. The horsegram actually works by reducing the cholesterol levels and supports those who are battling with weighty issues.

Horse Gram and Weight Loss
The Ayurveda describes horsegram best for tackling obesity as it actually works by tackling the fatty tissue. It helps to break down such tissue and forces the body to use fats in the best possible manner. The horsegram also positively influences the cholesterol levels. It helps to regularize the cholesterol and sugar levels in our blood stream – both of which really impact our eating behaviors. This is also one of the reasons for the declaration that horsegram and weight loss can go hand in hand. Also, horsegram can trigger a certain level of satiety for some time after a meal.How to Use Horse Gram for Weight Loss?

If you are keen to follow an Ayurvedic route to weight loss then it is best to use the horsegram powder in conjugation with cumin seed powder. For best results it is recommended that the horsegram –cumin seed mixture should be combined with water. For best results- a glass of this water is recommended during morning and evening on empty stomach. It is strongly advised that nursing and breast feeding mothers should consult their physicians before having this weight loss remedy.If you are wary of using the horsegram in this manner then it is best to incorporate them into various food items. Some of the popular food recipes which can be developed by incorporating horsegram include:

  • Horsegram- Pepper Mix: This is a very simple horsegram preparation which can be enjoyed as a mid evening snack or breakfast. You just need to have horsegram (obvious), pepper powder, salt, olive oil, and mustard seeds to make this dish.
  • Horsegram- Chili Tamarind Mix: This is also of the popular weight loss recipes suggested to the people who wish to try out horsegram for weight loss. If you also belong to that league then you just need to have horse gram, Bengal gram, olive oil, curry leaves, tamarind, salt and chilies to make this dish. This mixture can be stored in air tight containers and served with low calorie breakfast dishes too.

Many people have reported significant results by trying out horsegram for weight loss. You can also follow them and find success. Image Courtesy:

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