Hot hair trends for the season


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Hot hair trends for the season

Here are some of the latest trends and style tips for this season:

Barrette it!
One of the hot hair trends on the ramps now are clips and barrettes. From prints to flowers and small to oversized, clips and barrettes are the must-have accessories this season. Clips and barrettes are ideal not just for long hair but even short hair. And since they are available in a range of materials, patterns and sizes, you can go dressy for the evening and casual in the day.

Flower Power
Floral clips and barrettes are always an eye-catcher. These hair accessories are not just trendy but also add a dash on style and schoolgirl charm to your outfit. If you love flowers, then this is just the right item to add glam to your hair and keep it pinned up.

Bling it on
For those who love bling, barrettes and clips offer you a variety of options. Encrusted with genuine or faux crystals and gemstones, beads and more, these accessories can replace the need for expensive earrings and neckpieces.

All about size
In some instances, size does matter. If you have long hair, then a big floral barrette or clip doesn't look out of place. However, if you have short hair, do choose a size that is apt for your hairstyle. From tortoiseshells to smaller clips, the options are endless.

Style tips:
-Hair accessories add instant glam to your hair.

-They are not just pretty but practical too in keeping your hair up.

-For work, choose accessories that are less blingy and more formal.

-For a day look, go floral.

-For evenings out, invest in accessories with crystals and gemstones in silver or gold

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