How do buy sunglasses to suit your face?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How do buy sunglasses to suit your face?

I am finding it impossible to find sunglasses that suit my face shape. Are there any rules or tips when buying sunglasses?


Sunglasses are the ultimate summer accessory and with warmer months finally around the corner here are the AWW Fashion team's tips to help you find the perfect frame to fit your face.

Make size matter

When looking to invest in a pair of sunglasses it is important to remember to choose a frame that is the right scale for your build, ie: taller women can generally get away with larger frames.

However, to ensure against choosing a pair that are too big a good measure is to make sure that the bottom of the lenses do not extend below your nostrils.

Choose your style

Just like fashion accessories have seasonal trends too. It is important not to get swept away with the latest designer style or what Hollywood’s hottest are wearing, it is much better to choose a shape that compliments your own facial features.

OPSM eyewear consultants advise 'choosing a pair that contrast with your face shape'.

Aviator frames:

Aviators work especially well on those with high cheek bones, as the curve of the base of the frames enhances sculptured features.

Oval frames:
Oval frames are best for people with a strong jaw or a square shaped face. The curves will soften angular attributes.

Rectangular frames:
Rectangular styles sculpt a round face, the horizontal line tends to have a slimming effect.

Wrap frames:
Wrap and shield shaped sunglasses are perfect for breaking up the length of an oval face.

Find your ideal colour

When deciding on the colour of your sunglasses, it is a good idea to bear in mind – that the colour should compliment your own colouring rather than contrast.

If you skin and hair are pale, try to avoid heavy black frames, instead opt for deeper hues of brown or burgundy. For warmer toned skin look for golds, rich browns or tortoiseshell frames.

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