how do i prepare my little girl for preschool

Apr 21, 2014
pls tell me how do i prepare my daughter for preschool. what are all the things need to prepared? how to set schooling mood for her? pls help. i am very much afraid as i have seen many kids near by homes are always crying for going school. i am bit worried. pls help


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Dec 2, 2011
#2't worry Nandya.

From now on, be telling her, that she is going to meet lots of new friends, who will play with her.

Tell her, that she can talk with many children of her age.

Tell her , that she will have lots of toys to play with and enjoy a lot with her tiny friends.

Tell her, that she can wear different dresses of different colors (if it is a play school) which will be of lot of enjoyment.

Tell her, that she can sing and learn many rhymes from the teacher who will be lovable and teach everything which will help her grow big and become intelligent, like you.

Tell her, there will be a big board, in which she can draw of her choices and the teacher will also teach her new lessons, by writing on such a big board.

Also tell her, that she can tell new stories to you daily, about her friends, teachers and other things , which happened in the school and you follow this daily.

And one more thing, please don't worry , when she happens to cry initially when she starts going to school. Most of the children will do this, since they are in a new surrounding from their mother. But this will last only for a week or 10 days only.

After that, they will start going to school with full enthusiasm.

You should never portray the school or teacher , as a fearful place.
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