How do I take care of cracked skin this winter?


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May 4, 2012
My skin has started to crack. My mom is asking me to apply a coat of coconut milk before going to bed to soften the skin. How do I take care of it this winter season?


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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Reshmi, in winter, the humidity content of atmospheric air is very less hence our skin getting dried and start cracking. for this problem kindly try following remedies:

One of the best remedies for cracked skin is hydration. Soak the affected area in warm water for around 15 minutes a day, and dry it thoroughly. You can also add oils to the water for added moisture, and you should always apply a moisturizer to cracked skin after a soak. Bath oils are excellent for this purpose, as is petroleum jelly or Vaseline. Avoid using moisturizing creams, as some can actually end up drying skin out; to test a moisturizer, apply it to a small patch of skin and wait a few minutes. If your skin feels tight, the moisturizer is drying, and it should not be used.

At night, moisturize your hands and/or feet thoroughly and wear gloves or socks. The overnight soak in moisturizer can help to soften and soothe cracked skin. For mild skin fissures, you can try a thin line of superglue to help close the crack; this is not advised for deep fissures, however. If your cracked skin is accompanied with an itchy feeling, add baking soda to your soaking water to help relieve the itching.
Diet is another thing on the list of home remedies for cracked skin. Eat more vitamin E, zinc contained foods and omega threes to help hydrate and condition your skin from the inside. These substances are also good for general health, and they are available from sources such as supplements and foods like fish. When you combine topical remedies for cracked skin with an improved diet, you can achieve and maintain healthier, smoother skin.

Pumice stones and files are also useful remedies for cracked skin. Try smoothing and filing the area to wear away dry, old, cracked skin and to promote the growth of healthy new skin. Do not file excessively, as you do not want to flay your skin; be patient and work on a small section daily. Soak and hydrate after you do this to further soothe and smooth your skin.

All the best

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