How does fasting improve health?


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Jun 28, 2011

Fasting is the process of denying food for the full day. Fasting is of three types. First type is staying without food and also without drinking water the entire day. Second type is to drink only water for the full day. Third type is about eating only fruits for the entire day. However, First kind is the best one.

Such fasting is an integral part of every religious practice. Muslims remain in fast for a full month. Hindus also perform fasting on every festival day. Ancient people have had fasting their regular fasting, at least once in a week. Because it had lots of health benefits.

Rest to digestive organs:

Fasting gives rest to all the digestive organs. Ancient people used to eat only twice a day. But nowadays we eat thrice a day and also eat lots of junk foods. All this causes great disturbance to the stomach and other digestive organs. When we remain without food we give great relief for our digestive organs.

Organs can gain energy. When we do not eat food, digestive enzymes which secrete will cause the removal of innermost layer of the stomach. Leads to a process called “autolysis”. Autolysis is nothing but self destruction. This reduces the toxic layer in the stomach.

Good for blood:

Fasting helps to purify blood. When toxic substances are removed blood gets purified. Also during fasting we take only oxygen as food. So when oxygen level increases blood gets purified. Fasting also reduces cholesterol level in the blood.

Fasting not only gives health benefits also gives psychological benefits. It helps to clear our mind of bad feelings. It removes hatred and gives clear sense of simplicity. It removes the tension and tiredness in the body.

Few tips before fasting are that we must drink mild hot water, which improves health. The days before you fast remember to eat only mild foods. Always prefer eating fruits the day before. This will also cause good fasting routine.

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