How far is too far on the internet?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How far is too far on the internet?

The new generation is tech-savvy and trying to restrict them is a difficult task. They can easily outsmart parents. Availability of technology is not the problem, but the content children browse is an area of concern. The responsibility of a child rests with the parents, so they should channelize children's energy in the right direction and also keep a quiet vigil.

Poile Sengupta | Writer, educationist

Children should never be restricted from using technology. The more you make any particular content a mystery, the more a child will go and find out what it is. Parents should be open about these sites and explain about the content they shouldn't look out for. I feel children should be given a free hand. They will understand as they grow up.

TV Mohandas Pai | Chairman, Manipal Global Education

In today's world, we cannot protect or insulate children from technology. It has become a part of life and our future. It is important for parents to be by their children's side when they use technology and teach them the right way to utilize it. We must try to help children in using technology for their advantage so that it helps in their overall development.

Dr Aloma Lobo | Chairperson, Adoption Coordinating Agency

I don't agree that kids are over-exposed to technology . It is the demand of the situation. I feel we are equipping them to handle future situations in a better manner, otherwise they will be handicapped and fall behind their counterparts in other countries. We must encourage children to use technology in a correct manner. Kids today are very smart, they just need positive feedback.

S Susheela | Advocate, high court

'How much is too much' is a debatable question. Technology should be used to increase knowledge. A child should be able to share and interact through technology . It should not be used to please the child and also not become a priority in a child's life. Technology should not control either the life of the child or parent . Children should be taught not to be dependent on technology, but use it for their benefit.

Dr G P Gururaj | Consultant psychiatrist

Children should definitely be exposed to technology, which is just a tool. Care should be taken that a child does not become a slave to it. Parents should expose their child to art, sports, literature and current affairs as well. Otherwise , children will get hooked to technology and their development will be unidirectional.

Suresh Senapaty | Executive Director, Wipro Ltd

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