How healthy is your love?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How healthy is your love?

Take this quiz...

Can you be yourself with your partner or do you feel the need to conform to his/her image of you?
A. I can be myself mostly
B. Sometimes
C. S/he disapprove of the way I am, of what I do or say

Does your partner shift the blame for what's happening to him/her to you?
A. Never
B. Sometimes
C. Usually

Do you value your partner's opinion more than yours?
A. I value my own opinion about myself more
B. Sometimes, I doubt myself and rely on his/her opinion
C. I tend to rely on his/her opinion of me

4. Do you agree with him/her to keep peace?
A. Rarely or never
B. Sometimes
C. Most by, or all the time

Do you feel equal and valued in the relationship?
A. Yes, equal and valued
B. Sometimes I feel valued but not equal.
C. Neither equal nor valued

Do you keep secrets from him/ her when you think knowing them will affect the relationship?
A. We have very few secrets and none that can affect our relationship
B. Sometimes
C. Yes, often

Are your conversations about what is happening now or does the past often crop up?
A. Mostly, we are in the present
B. Sometimes, the past comes up but we resolve it
C. It's often that we argue about what has happened years ago and it turns into a blame game

In an argument or conversation, do either of you have to be right to admit mistakes, apologise and learn to better?
A. Yes
B. Sometimes, neither of us apologise
C. We rarely apologise or admit our mistakes

Do you trust your partner to deliver on agreements?
A. S/he tends to stick to agreements
B. Sometimes
C. S/he rarely ever remembers promises, agreements

Is your partner fair in his/ her interactions with others?
A. Mostly fair
B. S/he can be fair sometimes
C. Is rarely fair

Is your partner honest when S/he talks about how s/he feels or can he/she be manipulative?
A. Mostly honest
B. Honest sometimes
C. Can be manipulative

Can you trust your partner with responsibilities, e.g. with a child or a task?
A. Is mostly reliable
B. Reliable occasionally
C. Mostly unreliable

Can you talk to him/her about anything at all?
A. Most of the time, I can express myself freely about most things
B. Some things are best not discussed
C. I have to be careful about what I say and when I say it (eg. when he/she is in a bad mood, stressed, tired or drunk)

Is violence part of the relationship?
A. Never, even when we argue
B. Occasionally, but the violent partner always apologises
C. Yes

Are you emotionally overdependent on your partner?
A. No
B. Sometimes
C. I often feel I am nothing with out him/her

Is your partner emotionally dependent on you?
A. No
B. Sometimes
C. S/he won't be able to cope without me

Scores: For every A. give yourself a 10. For every B. give yourself a 5, and a 0 for every C.

The verdict: The higher your score, the healthier your relationship. If your score is below 30, you might want to consider whether you'd be healthier and happier without this person in your life.


Yuva's of Penmai
Penman of Penmai
Jan 12, 2013
nice quiz ....... thanks for sharing

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