How Keeping a Secret can be a Physical Burden for you??


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Sep 3, 2012

Are you holding a deep secret?? And feeling that your energy level is drowning?? Well, then its a very predictable state as a recent study has confirmed this fact. According to it, keeping a 'meaningful secret' results in physical burden. Why and how?? For this, check this research.

Keeping a secret often takes a mental toll, but now it can be a physical burden as well. Why?? Well, a recent study has confirmed that scrolling your head with a secret makes you to under-perform in a given task.

Secrets shape a person’s identity in powerful ways, even more than his known truths. The longer a secret is held, the more difficult it becomes to share it out or tell truthfully. Passing time has the ability to distort the real facts and feelings. It may leave you feeling less energetic and positive towards taking or completing various tasks. Let’s have a view that what this new research has to say in this regard.

Study that Underlines the Fact- Keeping a Secret causes Physical Burden

This study was done by the researchers of the Tufts University. They found that people who know deep secrets of other persons are more likely to perceive a task as a difficult job. This secret could be of any type, like a person’s concern regarding his sexual orientation or infidelity.

In one part of this study, the participants were told to remember a secret. One group remembered a ‘meaningful secret’ while the other group held a ‘small personal secret’. Their everyday health report was made. They were made to estimate certain things, like how steep a hill was and how far a distance was. In the results, people with deeper secret perceived the hills and distance to be steeper and farther.

In the second part of this research, the experts examined some participants who were not faithful to their partners. They were judged on the fact that how this act of infidelity bothered them. Again, their everyday health report was made. They were asked to say that how much effort it took to do various tasks, like carrying groceries upstairs, help someone to move or walk with the dog. In the results, people with more botheration regarding their infidel acts said that these tasks required more energy and efforts.

So, a conclusion was made out that, the more burdensome a secret is, the more its going to affect the person holding it. In fact, recently a survey was done by a skin care company, Simple, revealed some amazing facts.

According to it, a woman will tell a secret in just 32 minutes. In this survey, one out of 10 women said that they feel unable to keep a secret. And around half of the women said that they often feel the urge to share their secrets.

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