How much is too much in a relationship?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How much is too much in a relationship?

That's just the question to ask! Wise people say that too much of anything is good for nothing.

So girls, here's your guide to know, well, how much is too much.

Let's get it straight! Your guy talks about his best female friend and you frown, that's somewhat cute. He talks about his favourite actress and you turn green, that's too much.

You nagging your boyfriend to quit smoking is good. But nagging him for not being a good shopping partner is just too much. Generally, men are casual about shopping. Some even take just 10 minutes to shop for an entire wardrobe. Expecting them to be patient with your shopping is just asking a bit too much.

Marathon mails:
Romantic or the ones where you want to let it out, marathon mails are just not what most men like. So, if you think it is a good idea to bash him up later in a mail that goes on forever after a fight, drop it right now! Chances are that your guy will not even read it till the end. Discard the mail and take a deep breath.

Cribbing about his ex:
Drawing constant comparisons with his ex will only make you come across as an insecure partner. While it is one thing to just talk about it and get over it, making it a part of your daily discussion is just not on.

Being suspicious:
Don't ask for his passwords. And don't give yours. In a relationship, each partner is entitled to his or her own space and intruding into that leads to conflicts. You don't have to check his phone after every message that he sends or after every call he makes. Stalking him on social networking sites is a strict no-no. If he has to cheat on you, he will do it even if you kept him under lock and key. So, sit back and have a good time with him.

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